About Minnesota Synchronettes

The Minnesota Synchronettes(MNS)is a non-profit U.S. Synchronized Swimming (USSS) club that practices in the west metro areas of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) and competes in numerous USSS synchronized swimming meets and championships throughout the year.

Synchronized swimming is a sport for swimmers who enjoy music, dance, and team camaraderie. Most of the swimmers join the club to learn new skills; have fun; and excel at local, regional and national levels. Swimmers work out 8 to 11 months a year based on their achievement at regional, zone, and national events. The club includes athletes between the ages of 6 and 19 who reside in 12-15 cities in the area.


 Competitive Season


Programs start in September to prepare for the USSS sponsored meets and championships throughout the year. These competitive events include the following:

Competitive Event and Month Held

December: Local Invitational

January: Synchronette Invitational

February: Minnesota State Championships

March: North Zone Championships

April: U.S. Junior Championships

May: Age Group Regional Championships

June: U.S. Age Group National Championships

Schedule of Activities During the Competitive Season

September - December
Learn and practice new figures and routines for two local invitational meets. One required practice a week may be replaced with gymnastics, dance, or speed swimming activities.

January - February
Learn and improve the routines and required technical figures for two local meets and the state championship.

March - May
Master routines and figures for the regional championship, and for qualifying athletes, the North Zone and U.S. Junior Championships

June - July
For athletes qualified for U.S. Age Group, additional practices are required after the school year is completed. It is important that summer vacations, camps, and other activities do not conflict with these practices and meets.

Competitive Record

Since the clubs formation eighteen years ago, the club has developed numerous athletes and competitive routines that have successfully qualified for and competed in prestigious national championships. The Synchronettes have achieved remarkable success. The Synchronettes have received the most medals and qualified the most routines at the Regional Championships (4 state area); recently tied for 3rd in the North Zone Championships (15 state area); and continued to improve standings at national level championships and trials.


Conditioning Program


The club offers a conditioning program January - February for varsity high school swimmers who want to build skills for the varsity season. High School Varsity Synchro is offered at a number of school districts in the area during a March - May season. Several swimmers on the Synchronettes competitive team also participate in the Varsity High School programs. 




The club will be offering a low cost Fall Trial period in September to share our expertise and enthusiasm for the sport. The trial period is designed for swimmers 12 and under (age as of 12/31/2020) who are interested in trying the sport for the first time. All swimmers with basic swimming abilities are welcome to join us for this fun program. Registration opens in August. Please email us for more information and/or registration materials.

Interested in joining us?

If you are interested in swimming and competing with us, please contact us or email us directly.

If you are interested in coaching with us, please contact us or email us directly.